Comparison of small 401k plan costs and 401k fees for small business 401k plans.

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- 401k pension administration fees comparison
- comparison of 401(k) fees and costs
- 12b-1 management fees and 401k costs
- 401k Participants Pay 85% of a Typical Planís Costs
- Revenue Sharing and 12b-1 Fees

- I currently use EFAST-approved software to prepare my Form 5500 and then print and mail the annual return/report to EFAST. What will I need to do differently for my plan year 2009 annual return/report?
- I am filing a Form 5500-SF for a plan covered by Title I of ERISA and the plan invested in a direct filing entity. I don't see a way to complete a Schedule D for a Form 5500-SF. Do I have to attach a Schedule D?
- Will the EFAST2 system still receive my filing if I do not attach the IQPA report with my Form 5500 annual return/report when it is required?
- Do you need a separate registration for the "Employer/Plan Sponsor" and for the "Plan Administrator" (two separate signature lines) if the employer/plan sponsor and the plan administrator are the same person?
- I tried submitting a Form 5500 annual return/report and I received an Acknowledgement ID. Does this mean my annual return/report was received?
- How do I submit an amended annual return/report (Form 5500 or Form 5500-SF) for plan years 2009 and later in EFAST2?
- What is the Small Pension Plan Audit Waiver Regulation?
- What pension plans are eligible for an audit waiver under the Small Pension Plan Security Amendments?
- How do I calculate the percentage of "qualifying plan assets" for my plan?
- Summary Annual Report Disclosures
- Is there model language for the enhanced Summary Annual Report (SAR) requirements?
- E FAST2 All-Electronic Filing System

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